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Client Services

Our goal at WMA is to help our clients to gather and interpret the information they need to make the best possible financial decisions at every stage of their journey through an ever changing world.  It is a process that is based on a relationship and a relationship that is based on trust.  We earn that trust by making sure our clients always receive unbiased, thoroughly researched advice and exceptional service.

Wealth Management Associates, Inc., along with our strategic service providers offer the following services:

Traditional Brokerage Services

Traditional brokerage services are available through Securities America, Inc. (SAI), an independent broker/dealer and a member of FINRA/SIPC. This includes the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and variable insurance products for a commission.  SAI oversees the compliance of operations and assists in maintaining proper regulatory adherence. Each associate is a registered representative and licensed to offer securities to the investing public. Transactions are executed and securities are held by National Financial Services Corporation, (NFS), one of the largest fully disclosed clearing firms in the United States. NFS serves as custodian of client cash and securities.

Investment Management Services

Wealth Management Associates, Inc. (WMA) is an SEC registered investment advisory firm. Each of our Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs) is registered to act as a fiduciary for our clients providing investment management services.  These services are most frequently delivered through the Wealth Management Advisory Account**, but when appropriate outside third-party managers will be selected and monitored to best achieve our clients’ goals.

Insurance Services

Insurance services are available to clients. If it is determined that you require an insurance vehicle for your portfolio, your financial adviser is state-licensed as an independent insurance agent who can search among multiple insurance companies across the country to find the best policy to meet your needs.

Goal Driven Financial Planning 

College Planning Strategies – The prospect of saving enough to pay for your children’s college education can be daunting.  The costs have skyrocketed.  We can help you to find the best investment vehicles to accumulate savings and track the performance of those accounts to try to get you as close as possible to your goal.  As the time to pay for college draws near, we can draw from our extensive experience helping our client’s children, as well as our own children to help you navigate the college tuition and financial aid waters.

Retirement Saving Strategies – Are you taking full advantage of your company’s tax-deferred retirement plans?  If you own a business, have you created your own retirement accounts?  Successful retirement saving is a combination of saving money, getting it into the right type of account and then getting good investment performance. 

The days of guaranteed pension and retirement income are gone.  Today the responsibility of accumulating sufficient assets and then utilizing those assets to generate retirement income is falling squarely on your shoulders.  We can provide you with the information you need to determine if your current track will get you where you need to go and if not what you need to change to make it happen.  We will help you monitor the progress as you make the journey.

Retirement Income Strategies – The number one challenge facing investors today is how to generate a decent rate of return on their savings without taking too much risk.

Current low interest rates make it very difficult for savers to achieve their goals using guaranteed investments.  Retirees don’t want to put their life savings at risk.  What is the answer?

For our clients, the answer is to use all the tools in the toolbox.  There is not one investment that can accomplish all your goals.  Today, you must have not only the low risk, low return investment that retirees traditionally invested in, but must also add some non-guaranteed, higher return investments.

We will help you to properly combine these various investments and then monitor them and your overall progress to make sure things are staying on course.  When it appears that you are getting off course, we will discuss the changes that need to be made and implement them quickly, to get you back on track.

Nursing Home Planning – If you or a loved one is potentially facing difficult choices about healthcare in the future, the sooner you begin to plan for them the better.  There is no magic bullet when it comes to planning for the potential cost of nursing care.  Typically it is a process of making the best of a bad situation.

Sadly, we have been through this difficult process with client families too many times.  Our best advice is to address it early and accept that many aspects are beyond your control.  We stand ready to help you control those aspects that can be.

Estate Planning Services – There are some basic structures that all successful people should have in place to protect their families.  We are familiar with these structures and work closely with attorneys who specialize in advanced estate planning to make sure that you are taking full advantage of all the legal strategies to protect your assets from taxes and litigation.

Estate Settlement Services – The death of a loved one is a difficult and often emotional period of time.  Consider us a valuable resource to help you navigate the myriad financial decisions that need to be made at this trying time.  Many decisions are wisely deferred to a later time.  The biggest mistake we see is people feeling that they need to do everything at one time.  Some things need to be done quickly, but others can wait until calm has returned.

We can help you identify what needs to be done immediately and aide in getting it done.  We can also help give you some perspective about what can wait.  Over the years, we have assisted many clients settle the estates of loved ones.  Our experience can help you when the time comes.